Ah-some sah-s.

Comics artists interpreting literary figures and characters.

via Chris Weston’s blog. Weston has drawn the latest contribution to the site, Winston Smith and Big Brother from Orwell’s 1984, and Weston has this to say about his work –

“I ‘m particularily pleased with my depiction of Big Brother, which is a rare case of something turning out exactly as I saw it in my head. He’sa mash-up of propaganda images of Hitler, Stalin and Lord Kitchener.”

Personal favourites:

Eduardo Risso’s Sandokan.

David Mack’s Miyamoto Musashi.

Mike Mignola’s Jacob Marley.

Ben Templesmith’s Hunter S Thompson.

Bruce Timm’s HP Lovecraft

Dave McKean’s Salman Rushdie.

Tony DeZuniga’s Sherlock Holmes.

Jock’s Carlos Castaneda.

What a great idea for commissions!