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The Yoko Kanno Project

Yoko Kanno is the lady who has scored the amazing soundtracks for Cowboy Bebop, the TV series which, thanks to harish_an, is no longer part of my wishlist. This site has interviews with her, and samples of her works from other anime series, and also a couple of transcribed guitar tabs and written scores.

A New York Times Article about Susannah Clarke’s book

Who is Susannah Clarke? I didn’t know, until Neil Gaiman mentioned her in a post of his, and then in another post, and yet another, and today, he links to this four-page article. The book is entitled ”Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell”, and it’s about magic, and I think the hype is getting to me.

The Crow Novel

A novel based on the screenplay, and written by a fan named Jeanette Barcroft who saw the first Crow movie, and was so taken by it that she dropped everything else and spent the next few weeks writing this novel, which, I admit, gives me as much goosepimples as the movie did the first time I saw it. The only flaw I can point to is that there is an overabundance of literary quotes – though they do not take away any of the pleasure of the book itself, they distract you from it.

I read it two years ago, but I want to renew the experience, with the soundtrack playing over my headphones.

Cerebus Stories Online

Heh heh heh.


4 thoughts on “Stuff to Read Online When I Have the Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Crow Novel

    Hi, I’m Jeanette Barcroft who wrote The Crow fan novelization. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I probably did get carried away with the quotations–I kept discovering new ones that fit too good to leave out. BTW, I was inspired to include them by James O’Barr (the creator of the Crow graphic novels)–he included a number of quotes in his GN’s. My first draft didn’t have them. I sent him a copy of that first draft and he wrote back to me saying “My true gratitude for your inspirational work”.
    Jeanette jlbarcroft@aol.com

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