Right, so my first contribution to Wikipedia was about this gentleman who can lay claim to a major chunk of my childhood.

Mr Anant Pai.

Of course, I will have to do some heavy-duty research to get his complete bibliography in, but something’s better than nothing.

Coming soon: entries for Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Target, Indrajal comics. Also Chandamama, if I can sniff out enough information about it. Seems like my next trip to Guwahati will involve some major back-issue digging.

P.S: I don’t think I will be filling in anything about Pran or Chacha Choudhury or any of those darned Diamond comics. Let Mr. Vishal Patel do the honours.

P.P.S: Vishal, the poor chap ran out of bandwidth for his site. Double damn.


27 thoughts on “Wikipedia!

        • Teens Today had nothing in common with Target, except they were brought out by the same company, the Today Group. Target was a collection of stories, articles, funny columns, comicstrips and generally anything you would associate with a well-done children’s magazine. Teens Today was a mishmash of agony-aunt columns and lame “how-to”s ( stuff like “what to gift your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day” )

          Crap, packaged in a twenty-five rupees magazine. And the covers were more horrible than anything else I had seen before. It was a disaster from the start, a year later the price was reduced to fifteen rupees, and after that, it quietly folded.

          • That’s quite well put.. but cause Teens Today had started at the time when we are going from Ten’s to Teens, I thought it was a good move by India Today group.. i felt as if the decision was for our generation ! :) It had some good information though, i would still like to believe..

  1. Good show!
    Who exactly was Dara? Isn’t Dara the Sabu-sized nemesis of chacha C who cannot be killed ?

    Remember, no entry of Indrajal can be complete without the mention of Aditya, the man from nowhere.:P

  2. Good work!
    He gave a talk at my school some time back and it was fascinating to hear him describe the work that goes into a single comic book.
    By the way, I saw a new Indian comic strip in the Mid-day newspaper yesterday. Just in the unlikely case you didn’t know. :)

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