Off to Delhi in about two hours.

Yesterday I checked out a post I made last year, a long-winded lj-transcription of my Amazon wish-list, with a lot of pompous commentary that makes me wince when I read it again. Much to my surprise, I seem to have gotten 40 items out of the 72 listed. Not bad, eh? But my list has increased since then, so expect a wishlist for 2005 in the near future.

If anyone in Bangalore is going to Blossom Book House in the near future, keep an eye out for the posters that lead to the entrance ( right when you walk up the stairs) Beautiful theme, and beautiful design. There were three of them – one with the picture of the One Ring, with scratches and wear on the metal. It says “Fantasy books. Slightly used.” Then a photograph of a glass slipper. The caption – “Fairytale classics. Slightly used.” A deerstalker cap with a patch on top. “Detective novels. Slightly used. Asked the guy at the counter if he’s selling/giving away any of them. Refused. Said he would lend me one and I could scan it. No deal, I don’t have a scanner. Mudra Communications designed the poster, or so prashantr said.


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  1. The ads have been appearing in quarter page (bottom right hand corner) in the HINDU’s Metro Plus supplements for a few weeks now. I also love that the ads are not in TOI! LOL.

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