Pissed, And How

So, ten days after I buy the DVD-writer, it conks out. This morning, I put in a blank CD to burn my collection of Studio Ghibli albums. Nero goes to 100%, and then, while writing the lead-out, there was some kind of error, and I had one more CD to add to my pile of burnt-but-not-quite-well-done discs. Then the fun begins. I put in another blank CD to burn the same files again. Disc not Detected. Another. Disc not detected. Close Nero, and insert a data disc. Disc not Detected yet again, and can you please stop making my light blink so much, it hurts, says the DVD Writer.


Deep breath. Change cables. Try again. Doesn’t work. Change from secondary slave to secondary master. Doesn’t work. Check same configuration with year-old DVD drive. Works. Conclusion: One Ten-day old drive, used four times, dead.

So I took the receipt, packed the drive and brought it over to the office. Got the sysadmin to try it on his machine. Same symptoms, it detects the drive at first, then after I try to burn a CD, it kicks the bloody bucket.

Took an hour’s leave from the office and went over to Messrs Railton Computers, SP Road. Twenty rupees and five traffic jams later, I find the bloody shop closed. ‘Shop will open tomorrow i.e 26th April’ is what a printout at the front reads.

I am pissed. I really am. I am so pissed that if you come near me now, you would probably gag at the smell of ammonia and lose your lunch. I am so pissed that…that…that I can’t think of anything else to explain how pissed I am. You will have to take my word for it.

* * *

Ah, well, pissiness down by a few degrees, because of – TADA! – vijucat‘s package which arrived at the Hyderabad office today morning. Thankfully, Chandru picked it up for me, the guard indeed had no idea who Mr. Beatzo Phreniac was. Vijay-sir, all I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Arigato Gozaimas, the stuff rocks.

* * *

Ah, and I got Preacher in the mail just now, all 70 issues snug in a box. Yippeee!!! I am not pissed at all, as of now. Will just wait until tomorrow, and get the DVD-writer fixed.

* * *

GAK! Got a mail from fabmall, which says:

Now, at long last, the ultimate Far Side book has arrived as a hefty, deluxe, two-volume slipcased set. Printed in full-color on specially milled paper, The Complete Far Side is a lavish production that takes its place alongside collector’s-edition art books

Rs 5,564/- (21% off) Buy Now

Ok. That’s it. I think I am dying of sensory overload.

Hold on, I had an epiphany, one of these deep things that flash in front of you before you die. I think today just proved the Law of Averages as applied to my life.

Right, off to die now.


13 thoughts on “Pissed, And How

    • Re: :))

      Lemme know if I can get you some mange/anime/stuff!

      I think I will devote some time to consolidation – indulging in the stuff that I already got (thanks to you!) before anything else. :)

    • Yeah, just took it over to the Samsung service center. The problem with the drive is that it writes and reads DVDs, but does not r/w CDs. Probably some chip blew. :-(

    • Nope, still in Bangalore, sir. Which is why Chandru had to pick up my package.

      P.S You’re supposed to send me a mail with your address, please do so ASAP.

  1. I bought that Far Side collection for $50 something from Amazon sometime last November, and it really, really kicks butt. Larson draws the coolest cows I’ve ever seen, which itself makes the book worth it.

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