Gratituous self-promotion in the name of nostalgia deptt.

I used to draw and paint, once upon a time. Even went to art school when I was a kid, and found out that watercolours was the only medium I had some amount of control on. Until of course, I discovered the joys of pen and ink and trying to imitate John Totleben’s artwork.

After buying a scanner ( along with the computer I bought my parents the other day ), I spent some time scanning whatever of my samples I could find.

My attempt at doing an Aishwarya Rai painting. I was a cheapskate back then, and thought that instead of spending money on buying a poster, I would rather paint her. Oh fine, I was also an Aishwarya Rai fan, everyone was, back then. The end result looks like Aishwarya, but only if you squint hard enough and tilt your head a bit and…ah, you get what I mean.

Which reminds me, I watched Iruvar the other day.

The Punisher
This was after seeing a poster for the Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie, which came out sometime in the eighties. The movie sucked, I realised later, but do you really think any fifteen-year old would hate a movie that had a gun this cool?

The Last Batman

I used to draw Batman like mad. I drew Batman everywhere, on school notebooks, on backs of greeting cards, on brown paper, on the school blackboard when no one was around. But I saved the good ones for poster-sized paintings on chart paper. I did them and gave them to friends who hung them in their rooms ( or so I am told, for all I know they might have thrown them away as soon as they were out of sight) Just before leaving Guwahati, I decided to do a last Batman poster. I could never complete it, of course, and it’s still there inside my cupboard – looks water damaged in parts, and uncoloured, too. I don’t think I will ever finish it. You can see a lot of lines on this, that’s because its huge and I had to scan the whole thing seperately, and then join all of them together.

I will respond to not-so-important mails, and all LJ comments after I get back to Hyderabad. Sorry about the quiz powerpoints not working, I was more than a little sleepy when uploading the files, and something must have gone kaboom.


14 thoughts on “Gratituous self-promotion in the name of nostalgia deptt.

  1. Whoa whoa! Ugly “figure” and “face” drawers that are scarred for life, owing to my criticism, should look at this and learn what drawing beautiful “figures” and “faces” mean. =))

    No, seriously! Flowery words (not for them) for you though – ULTI HAI!!! :P

  2. I must say, the Batman is like so neat. I mean, really really neat. Almost too neat, he looks like a robot. I’m quite impressed. Maybe because I could never draw to save my life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Satya, as the cliche goes – top draw-er stuff.:-P. You’re good at this:). Those are pencil shadings, the first two?

    Give them DVDs a break and indulge in gratituous self promotion more often. More flattery will follow once you’ve fixed those powerpoints.:D.


  4. Anonymous says:

    NEAT!!! VERY NEAT, infact! I used to be an aishwarya fan myself for qutie some time in my teens. Remember having this huge b/w poster of hers with her hair covering half her face. A very pretty one that was.

    Put up some more of your scanned sketches. Would love to see them.


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