Why some days are better than others

So the latest bunch of DVDs I ordered off secondspin.com has arrived. Took some time to be delivered, more than a month in fact. But the package was huge, and I am assuming the customs people were a little lazy. From the bottom…

  • The Chaplin Collection
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • All The President’s Men
  • : These three were movies chandru ordered off my account. I am planning to whack the Chaplin box set off him – it’s a lovely tin box, and the 5 discs quite a bit of short movies that are not too easily found around here.

  • Bjork: The Inner or Deep Part of an Animal or Plant Structure
  • Bjork: The Medulla Videos
  • Bjork: Unplugged and Live
  • Bjork: Inside Bjork
  • : With these, my Bjork DVD collection is effectively done. I am not counting bootleg videos in this, only legit releases. I CAN’T wait to go back home and check out the video of the Unplugged concert. Especially the tabla-Bjork-organ duel during Big Time Sensuality.

  • Ichi The Killer: Unrated Edition: Ok, long story. I had a divx of this, courtesy Vasu. The problem? The rip was in English, and as any wise Miike-lover will tell you, watching a dubbed version of the goriest movie ever is no fun. (Even the screams sound so ….downbeat) Then I bought a copy from National Market, which refused to work, and got returned. Got a rip of this exact same DVD from a friend in Mumbai, and that refused to work beyond the half-way point. I just had to order this, after all that trouble. And I also have the companion anime, Ichi: Episode One to watch.
  • Mulholland Dr: I have waited and waited and waited for this movie to be available at National Market, and the week I order it off secondspin is the week moccacino buys it at The Market. *sigh* But then, I got it for 5$, so not really too much of a problem. Have you watched this movie yet? No? You’re nuts. Go watch.
  • Neil Gaiman’s A Short Film About John Bolton: Yeeeeeeeee haw! What are the chances of getting this second-hand, huh? None whatsoever, I would think, but obviously there are times when I am wrong. A chance search of secondspin got me this, and I can hardly wait to go home and check it out. Yeeeeeeeeee haw!
  • The Godfather Collection: All three Godfather movies, plus a bonus disc. Excellent 5-disc package. I had waited quite sometime to pick this up, not buying any of the movies off The Market just because I knew I had to get this edition.
  • The Alien Quadrilogy : 9 disc collector’s edition. Though a part of me is doing the tarantella out of joy, there is this half-heartedness to the proceedings because I could not get my hands on the Alien Head edition of this set. *Sigh*

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