True Story

I am obsessed with comicartfans.com. As if you didn’t know. While collection-hopping sometime last week, I landed up on a Spanish collector’s gallery, where, to my surprise, I found an Alan Davis page for sale. Not just another Alan Davis page, it was a page from an issue of Batman and the Outsiders, published sometime in 1985. It happened to be the issue where I had seen Alan Davis’s work for the very first time. And also, it was cheap, remarkably so. So, in my nostalgia-induced headiness, I sent a message to the collector saying that I wanted the page, and would he be all right with mailing it to India, and all that jazz.

He replied in a couple of hours, and quoted a price that was extremely reasonable, shipping included. Everything fine and hunky-dory. I would pay him on Monday, I told him. Cool.

So on Monday, just before I am about to pay, I notice that he’s online in GTalk. Just engage in casual conversation for a while, talking about comic conventions and collecting addictions and how tough it is to pay for Uderzo pages. While we are talking, I tell him that I am ready to pay and go over to Paypal, type in my information and click on “send money”. Just then, he asks me, “have you checked out the site that represents Alan Davis and sells his art for him?” “No”, I said. I hadn’t come across any site that sold Alan Davis artwork. He passed on a URL to me, and the moment I clicked on it, I knew I should have been more careful. There were Alan Davis pages GALORE, and truth be told, much better than the ones this guy had put up. It even had a page from The Nail, with all the JLA characters in it, and some pages from the X-23 debut in X-Men, including a kick-ass fight scene between X-23 and Wolverine.

And this guy, he takes my Paypal payment and returns it to me. I don’t know if he got charged for it or not, but this is what he said after returning the money:

“Maybe this way I lost a sale but won a friend. :D”

You sure did, Pablo.


12 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Day watch

    Hey Chetri, It’s me, Vibhor from IIT Delhi. I couldn’t find Night watch but managed to download its sequel, Day Watch. Now just tell me how can I get it over to you. Are you on gtalk ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I am Pablo and I am still happy I returned your money. No romance at all. Just giving some help on this hobby we share. Thanks for the nice words and see you on the net.

    • Thank you, Pablo. I am beginning to like this hobby more for the like-minded people I am getting to meet and being able to share my enthusiasm and being infected by theirs.

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