Just when the music of Sivaji: The Boss was on the verge of taking over my life, I found The Best of Apache Indian at Music World today. For those who are interested, its pretty tough to get CDs of the original No Reservations anywhere at a decent price – I had seen a copy in Landmark, Chennai for 525 INR, and some copies at secondspin.com for 3.99$. But I am off secondspin for now, so this album is the only sensible way to go. It collects the representative hits of Apache Indian, the album hits Chok There’, ‘Boom Shaka-Lak’, ‘Arranged Marriage’, the collaborations ‘No Problem’ and ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Allah’, from Asha Bhosle’s Rahul and I. And it’s only 125 INR, and I was megapissed when this went off the market about a month after it came out sometime in 2005 – just after I had made up my mind to buy a copy. So, hoo-ah!

Top Shelf comics is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a major, MAJOR sale. There is a 3$ sale for books like Jose Villarubia/Alan Moore’s The Mirror of Love ( which retails for 20$), Alex Robinson’s Tricked ( ditto), the Blankets soundtrack ( retail price 15$), all the volumes of Bughouse, which selll for 15$ each. GODDAMNIT! It’s a bad, bad time to be an obsessed collector.

And my computer at home is humped. Totally. I think the power supply’s gone bust.


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        I was talking about the Apache Indian CD… thought you picked up a copy of an old compliation.. well i picked up mine last weekend.. :)

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