White Drongo

India’s first online store devoted solely to graphic novels – White Drongo – is online. A simple price comparison will show you the level of discounts that are being offered, and trust me, the catalog is being updated within the next couple of weeks.

Need I say more?


6 thoughts on “White Drongo

  1. Your in India?

    I love India. I always go and see the Bollywood films here…I had tasty bites for dinner tonight.

    Where are you located in India? They have Swamp Thing comics in India?…I didn’t know our western horror got that far.(Swamp thing is actually horror americana)….

    But yeah, its really to interesting to hear that people in other parts of the world enjoy comics and fantasy. I think alot of the youth now are trying to be “profound” intellectuals that they forget how fun life is and that life isn’t suppose to be serious or artistic.

    • Re: Your in India?

      Hi, yes, I am in India, in Hyderabad.

      They do have Swamp Things comics in India, scattered runs here and there. I read some of the Moore issues as a kid, and bought off the complete run on eBay two years ago. Western horror proliferates everywhere – I got hooked to Stephen King and CLive Barker through these writers being mentioned in Swamp Thing letter columns. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am yet to recover from the small tour that I had of White Drongo. I mean, I bought ‘That Yellow Bastard’ and the Buddha Series at completely insane prices from Emami Starmark(even with the discount-a kingly 10%) as compared to what is on display at White Drongo.
    Lord Jim

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