Thanks to my friend Pablo, I knew about this Belgian series called Spirou, which has been through multiple publishings and translations since its creation in 1938. In contrast to Tintin and Asterix ( which I mention because of the inherent familiarity folks have with them), Spirou has been written and drawn by multiple creators, from Jijé in its early years to Morvan and Munuera in 2004. I know only of the artist Pablo has been raving about – André Franquin, who developed the characters and the storylines and is considered the definitive Spirou artist.

And now, thanks to Eurobooks, which has already brought out the Agatha Christie and Biggles graphic novels and claim to be bringing out comic book versions of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Spirou is available in India. And these are Franquin’s stories being published as oversized albums (the same format as Tintin and Asterix ) and are priced at 199 Rs each. I saw about twelve of them at Walden today. A quick flip-through reveals slightly sub-standard translation and lettering, the translators seem to have used a terrible typeface and I could see Americanisms abound in the dialog – but beggars can’t be choosers, I say. Am in cheapskate mode right now, otherwise would have bought the lot. Waiting for the next Bangalore trip where discounts will be negotiated and free book coupons put to good use.


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    • Nope, haven’t read either. Truth be told, the font Eurobooks is using makes the presentation looks very amateurish. I am going to buy Spirou because I don’t have a choice, I really want to read the series.

    • Haha, no, haven’t read it, but read about it. And I can understand why. :)

      KQA gives away gift coupons every other Sunday at Daly Memorial Hall, Nrupathunga road, Bangalore. Of course you do need to win a quiz to get ahold of them….

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    Biggles is good,their art is real nice and if you have followed the Biggles books most of the cast is in it the books. Agatha Christie sucks as the story line is hard to follow and there are inexplicable gaps in the narrative at times. Spirou- read only two and the quality was varying, but was better than Agatha Christie.
    Does anyone here know where to get Lucky Luke / Iznogoud/ Oumpah- Pah comics in India ?

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