If this does not make you wet your pants, you are not human.

Alan Moore talks about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier.

It was released this weekend, by the way, bringing a two-year wait to an end for most people. For me, the wait should last another couple of weeks, at best. Months, at worst.). And book three, Centuries will be released by Top Shelf next year, if Kevin O’Neill is done with the illustrations. brokentooth, adgy et al, please let me know if/when you buy it.


3 thoughts on “If this does not make you wet your pants, you are not human.

  1. I have to work today, but I fully expect to be buying that and the new Scott Pilgrim tomorrow. If these things are not available to me, I will kill people.

    I should call them and have them stick one of each in my box…

  2. ’tis preordered, and has been for some time. I also had the commendable foresight to have it delivered to my aunt’s place, in case it ended up being released near the end of the semester. That would have been fairly disastrous, research-wise.
    By the way, I might know of someone coming down in December – let me know if you haven’t been able to get hold of it by then.

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