The Apatow-a-thon continues. Watched 17 episodes of Undeclared on Saturday. This series is a spiritual sequel of sorts to Freaks and Geeks; while the latter was about high school, this is about a bunch of freshmen in college. The “undeclared” term refers to the status of an undergrad student who has not decided on a choice of major subject. Ran on Fox in 2001 and, like all Fox series that I’ve come to love, was cancelled after the first season. Not because anything was wrong with the show; apparently, Fox telecast episodes in the wrong order, confusing viewers and bringing down ratings. Worst part is, even the DVD set has the episodes in wrong order; halfway through episode 10, we figured something goofy is going on, checked Wikipedia, and proceeded to rewatch the episodes in proper order. One of the high points of watching this was the number of surprise guest appearances by quite a few of the F&G cast as grown-up versions. Apatow-regular Seth Rogen is one of the leads ( and also writes some of the episodes), and Jason Segel has a recurring role. Both of them are a treat to watch, my only gripe being that Segel seems to have been typecast as the dumped boyfriend in almost all his major roles. Case in point: the Apatow movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I also watched over the weekend.

Wish-list updates: The third ( and final) volume of Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo is out. As is the first volume of his seminal Blackjack, sixteen more to go. Amazon, ahoy!

And I see a solicitation for the second Omnibus edition of The Walking Dead, out 27th November. Ooh, yeah! Not buying the first volume of this omnibus is one of the greatest Comicbook mistakes I’ve made. Still trying to find a decent copy.


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    Now, if you give a chance to “Entourage” you’ll complete a bunch of cool series to your collection. Always glad to advice on TV series.

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