Loose ends

Well, I’m out of here. In case you didn’t figure that out already, after six-odd months of LJ silence. I might have posted again, but the sight of an 81-year old LK Advani with prime ministerly aspirations on the side-bar pissed me off big-time. Yes, you read that right – LK put me off LJ. As did the animated gifs that promised slimming tips and tyres that save 33 gallons in fuel over their lifetime.

The LJ stands as a nice record of the my life between 2002-2008 – most of it blathersome pap to the casual observer, but each post has a memory of its own for me. It will stay here, undeleted, as long as the company does not overhaul its database, or change its terms of service and wipe out all non-updated journals. There’s an official back-up of the archives if that happens – beatzo.wordpress.com, which I prefer because of the lack of annoying animated ads.

A slightly modified version of this ..umm…blog will continue here. Yup, own domain, wordpress installation, cheesy Japanese theme, OpenID support. Even a plugin that allows threaded comments. Upcoming 2009 Highlights : Watch me finally complete the complete study of the complete Lone Wolf and Cub Project. Marvel at the sincere reply to PR’s comment about the futility of watching onscreen violence. Dollops of verbose tub-thumping, animated monologues on the perils of being a collector, occasional reposts of my articles that have appeared in print here and there, acquisition-ahoy posts that warms the cockles of my shallow, materialistic heart and sentences that refuse to end.

And you folks on the f-list, the ones who still make me smile with your updates, the ones I look forward to seeing every other morning, I’ll be stalking reading you still.


7 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, although I can certainly understand it.

    For myself and everyone else who wants to keep reading your blog through LJ, I created a feed for your blog at . It’ll almost be like you never left. Almost.

    • Gee, thanks!

      The problem with a regular RSS reader is that you don’t pay it as much attention as you give to livejournal friends page. Or that was how it used to be. I suppose this is the next best thing.

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