The FWSE Round

I recently conducted the Entertainment quiz at Nihilanth 2011, the somewhat-but-not-quite Annual Inter IIT-IIM quiz festival. This makes it the nth consecutive time I’ve conducted a quiz at Nihilanth since it began in 2003. (‘n’ referring to a number less than 10, can also be interpreted as a number I am too half-arsed to calculate precisely, at the moment. Readers? Anyone with deep research skills and the ability to wade through scores of Google results from Half-Life forums?) For those who came in late, MELA refers to Music (or Movies, I never really remember) Entertainment Literature (and) Arts, which essentially gives me carte blanche to do any quiz at all – after all, even sports is entertainment, isn’t it? So’s business, as I’ve heard. Yeah, I am just being evil, so ignore the last two lines.While there has been the occasional glitch in the Matrix –  I did the Lit and Arts quiz in IIM Calcutta in 2005,and slightly tongue-in-cheek, called it the ‘MELA without ME’ quiz, and the India quiz last year at IIM Ahmedabad – the MELA, has always beenmyquiz, even through my two-year sabbatical from quizzing.

Well, until this year. Nihilanth 2011 might probably be the last quiz I do in the foreseeable future, because of some life-altering stuff going on. Well, if there’s a fair amount of time coordination possible i.e if I get enough advance notice, I would definitely try to make it if I am invited again, but not holding my breath. So anyway, because this was the Last MELA (which, I noticed just now, disturbingly abbreviates to LaME, if you are the sort of person to find abbreviated patterns in Any Random Phrase That You Read, ARPTYR for short) – I figured I should make it a little more interesting than your average written-round-clockwise-round-special-round-anticlockwise-round-theme-the end! quiz.

And I did, I totally did. I came up with a Google round. Actually no, I came up with a FWSE round – for trivia buffs, yes, I am talking to you, the guy that’s still reading this and has not closed the window already – the name change is because of a question asked by Vijay Menon in his Biz/Tech quiz, the only one I could attend part of. Shamanth’s Lone Wolf Quiz was already done the previous evening, and the man was just packing his bags to leave for a relaxing tour of the countryside near some resort in Bengal, some place called Naxalbari (that serves excellent Naxalia berries, from which the place gets its name. Yes, I should probably stop now.) I had an early-morning flight from Guwahati because of which I fell asleep just when the India quiz was due to begin, and later on, people raved about it and I felt stupid for missing it. Left early Sunday, so could not attend Ramanand’s General quiz on Sunday either.

So, the FWSE Round. The rules are fairly simple – you have 15 minutes to crack the round. Feel free to use a FWSE of your choice. The only handicap I will add  is that you do not get to hear the audio that starts the theme and the fact that the last clue refers to a question asked previously in the quiz. No anagrams or word puzzles of any sort to muddle up the facts. And yes, if you read carefully, you will get most of them. I will probably give out the answers tomorrow, so you don’t really have to comment and say how many you got, no really, it’s all good. Ok? Ok.

(If you are on Google reader and you cannot see the slideshare embedded here, you should probably just come to the blog)


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      • Mr Chetri, you have no clue about the number of fans you’ve got! I assume they also come down here to gather all the pearls of wisdom you keep dropping once every 6 months. (Unless you are being modest/sarcastic, which is always lost on me)

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