A musing

Listening to an album with the cross-fade off is an interesting experience. What does it say about my life when three seconds of silence between tracks makes it feel like something is not right? I had to look at the iPod twice to make sure it didn’t switch off or something.

But I’ve to get used to the silence every once in a while. Sometimes it feels good to unplug the earphones and listen to real life passing me by.

I turned 32 last month. A magic number, this one. The second last power of 2 that I will cross in terms of human age. Assuming nothing changes with the program, and Our Lady with the ankh does not land an impromptu date with me. I spent the day with friends, in two cities I had not been to before. In Spain.

This trip came about because of stubbornness and a promise. I knew I would come to Spain. I just didn’t think it would be this soon. I knew I would enjoy my trip, I didn’t realize it would rock so much. Perfect weather – sunshine with a hint of rain, the wind at just the right temperature to make you want to venture out, interesting conversations with friends I had known for years but had never met in real life, food that made me want to freeze my taste-buds just so I could remember the taste forever, languorous days and hyper-active nights. And oh yeah, I managed to squeeze in some work as well, which is always a good thing.

I am in Cluj now. It’s insane how many memories I have associated with this bustling Romanian city, how comfortable and happy I feel among the people I know here. I managed to attend the office Christmas party here, and went out every single night. I leave tomorrow evening, and while Los Angeles has its own charm, I will miss Cluj. I always do. Though I really wanted it to snow and it didn’t.

I do not know what home is, any more. Or if it ever existed.

And this nice little idea has burrowed itself into my head right now. To spend every birthday in a different city in the world. You know these hypothetical questions you ask yourself, about what you would do if the world would end tomorrow or if you knew you were to die in a few days? My answer to that was – to rent a plane and go meet every person i’ve ever crossed paths with, either in real life or online. To go meet them, say goodbye, hug the ones I liked and the ones that got away, resist the urge to punch the ones I disliked, and generally make a melodramatic ass of myself. But we all know that the world is going to end for every one of us, sooner or later. So why not begin that process right away?

Knowing me, however, there is a fair chance I will change my mind by next month or something. Just saying.

But  there are too many things to talk about, for the last 4 weeks. I need time, I need patience, and I need to process those photographs, both real and metaphorical. Miles to go before I sleep.


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