I have been traveling. Most of the music I have been listening to are offline Spotify playlists, and both new and old tracks find their way into this playlist because of that.

I love Imogen Heap. While most of the songs in her new album Sparks are familiar – they have been slowly released over the last 4 or 5 years – the Bicycle Song was new to me. It was also my track of choice when walking around Gangtok earlier this month, though the song and video are both set in Bhutan.

Mausi’s ‘Move’ turned up in a Morning Commute Spotify playlist a few months ago, and I heard it again recently.

I never knew that a band called Ramona Flowers existed until this cool girl from Pakistan I met told me she saw them live a few months ago. My Scott Pilgrim cred received a crushing blow!

I missed actress Leighton Meester’s residency at the Hotel Cafe in January. But I remedied that by listening to her songs – they are fascinating, and I am tempted to say that she is a better musician than an actress. I may be wrong.

I did make it to Elizaveta’s concert in Venice, at the Witzend – barely two miles from where I live. Turns out she is a Venice local, makes it easier for me to stalk her. Er, I didn’t say that aloud, did I? Her voice gives me goosebumps, and trust me when I say that none of what you hear in this album version is autotuned, though it may sound that way.

FKA Twigs continues to intrigue me in the right kind of ways. I love her music, her videos and her overall attitude. I have been relentlessly missing her shows for some reason or the other – she performs in LA again on April, the same evening as Stromae, and I don’t mess around with a Stromae concert, unfortunately. But soon.

I have absolutely no recollection of how I stumbled onto the Shy Girls. This remix is not really representative of their music, but makes for a great listen.

‘Pumpin Blood’ is another track that came up on the Morning Commute playlist, and it got my attention for the catchy chorus and the whistling.

Both the Caravan Palace track and the Avalanches track after it came up in a Youtube Faceoff at my place, when pal Wes played them in quick succession. He has incredible taste in music, but needs to listen to more Aphex Twin.

My affinity for Hotel Cafe performers is getting predictable, but Laleh is also Swedish, which adds a second spin to my love for her music. What a voice. What a song. Whoo hoo hoo!

I heard about Amason on KCRW. It’s a fucking bitch to search for them on Google, thanks to their similarity to an online store. I love the way Amanda’s voice oozes sensuality at multiple scales. Erm, they are Swedish as well.

Kleerup produced one of my favorite Robyn songs, and I believe I heard of him through her. Amazing 80s synth influences in his music, and Susanne Sundfør’s voice is to die for.

I have been obsessed with the Dø’s new album Shake Shook Shaken. This is the first song I heard online, and it is one of those rare tracks that sound incredible both on the album and live versions. I would attribute it to the band itself, because they are flawless on stage. Flawless, I tell you.

One thought on “February 2015 Playlist

  1. Shruti says:

    I am so happy to see the Bicycle Song and the Climb to Sakteng feature in the beginning. I have been recommending them to every single one of my friends recently! :)

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