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A Very Delayed June Playlist

Here’s another month’s worth of recurring, female-heavy music arranged in a playlist with no discernible order.

Three of them are Indian tracks – the first is the ethereal ‘Sway With Me’ from Dhruv Ghanekar’s 2015 album Voyage, an album I am enjoying quite a bit. It includes an Axomiya track called ‘Baare Baare’, and a collaboration with Ila Arun called ‘Dhima’, both highly recommended. The other two Indian tracks are a trippy number called ‘Manali Trance’ sung by Neha Kakkar, with music by Yo Yo Honey Singh, and a song I can only call slacker-pop, by this duo Tanishk-Vayu, who went on to compose a song for Tanu Weds Manu 2.

Two of my favorite dirt-pop ladies – Inna and Alexandra Stan – collaborate on We Wanna’, and goddamn if this does not make my Romanian friends throw hissy fits, when I proclaim my love for them.

Rhye’s ‘Open’ and Braid’s ‘Miniskirt’ are both songs of beauty and power that give me goosebumps when sitting at work. Kaleo’s ‘All the Pretty Girls’ work on that level, almost, but is more calming.

I have been obsessing about Brigitte’s album ‘Et vous, tu m’aimes’ the past few weeks, and it was quite a struggle to pick one song from that album for this playlist. The album begins with the sassy ‘Battez Vous’, goes into the ‘Coeur de Chewing Gum’, all sensual and naughty and makes my knees go weak at ‘English Song’. This one’s the right kind of everything, I think.

Mansions on the Moon is an LA band that popped up in my life a few weeks ago and last week, I saw them at a free show. This city is great that way.

Hudson Mohawke is a producer who has collaborated with Kanye West and is part of the trap-music band TNGHT. His second full-length album came out last month.

Sia’s new song is amazing, like all her other songs. Tove Lo gives me a boner every time I listen to her. Because if I love her right, we fuck for life, on and on and on.

Blood Orange’s Chamakay makes me wish I hadn’t listened to them in the middle of my Brigitte obsession – it is so hard to switch allegiances. But I will cope, I promise.


One thought on “A Very Delayed June Playlist

  1. 46 says:

    This playlist is my favorite so far–liked ‘most everything. Well done! Ooper Oooper (Tanishk-Vayu) was crazy good, as was Open (Rhys).

    Re Tove Lo: “I AM wet and I ALSO get the reference.”

    Hahahahhahahaha. I crack myself up.

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