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It is time…for me to tell you what I should have told you five days, ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.

The Prophecy is true, Harry. I hate to say it, but that doesn’t change things. Not one bit. I…, me, all of us, had hoped for better things, and we thought we had them, we believed, we trusted too much. Ah, but for the meaningless twists and turns of two convoluted minds, we might have felt it.

You felt it, Harry? That familiar tightening at the pit of your stomach, when you think you are about to experience something you’ve been waiting forever. That rush of adrenaline when the people you knew a long time ago were brought back to life after five long years? You did, of course. And after that, my boy? How long did it take for you to find out about…..about the Truth. The Truth had been in the air for months, shadowy whispers that we chose to ignore. The ravings of unbelievers, we called them. But the Unbelievers were right all the time. The Prophecy, all of it, is true.

Unbelievers, Harry.

I am an Unbeliever now, you know. One of them, now.

The Matrix Reloaded sucks, Harry. It sucks big-time.

Maybe it was The Agents that did it. Maybe the version we’re seeing onscreen is not the version Larry and Andy planned and directed. The System must have assimilated our collective consciousness and given us what we’re meant to see. Not what we wanted to.

*we hates them*


*stupid flying people in black coatsssss. stupid kung-fu. stupid architect. stupid mero-mevo-meor-aaaarghhh. stupid oracle. stupid EVERYONE. we hatesssss them*

No. NO!

I am raving now, Harry. I am sorry.

Your turn, my boy. Five days to go, and it’s going to be you all over again. And you, Roland. Five months for you. I will be waiting, of course. Somewhere deep down I feel you are going to let me down too, and I am not holding my breath. No sir.

*Stupid wizard boy kirrrrrrmmmmphh*
Shut up.

I am waiting, Harry.