The Sands of Time

There are two things that piss me off about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. One is the camera-angles that decide to act up at the worst of times and make me want to bash my keyboard and froth at the mouth. The second is the strange jumping move – you are stuck between two vertical walls, and you will have to make your way up to a ledge by multiple-jumping from one wall to the other. This move understandably gives me the heebie-jeebies everytime, and it’s very hard not to sob aloud when you fall to your death ONE FRIGGING JUMP AWAY from the top for the four hundred and thirty fifth time.

Or maybe I am just a bad gamer.

But it’s a great game, really. Like serioussam put it, when I was moaning away to him about my experiences with the camera-angles, the game glows, both in terms of eye-candy, storyline and gameplay. It makes my post-Half-Life-2 pains a thing of the past. ( I have this major hangup after playing a good game – it takes me about a month before I can even condescend to look at some other game – even if I do, I end up uninstalling the thing in disgust because of comparisons to the last game I played. This happened with Painkiller recently.) Ah, well, I am done with 33% of the game, and with a little bit of luck ( and loads of button-tapping) I should be done withit in a couple of days. After which, I shall torture my camera-addled third-person adventure gaming self by playing Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within.

Also, in related news, Princess Farah has replaced Alyx Vance in the “hottest game babe to bowl me over” category.