eBay woes

PeTS, otherwise known as the Post-eBay-Traumatic-Syndrome, affects me from time to time. Times when I realise that this website is just too unapologetically vast for my liking. Everybody I know tells me that I am spending too much time on eBay – ah, but if only you knew how much time I really spend on the site, heh – and I half-heartedly agree, and promise myself that I shan’t even think of typing in “collectibles.ebay.com” for the next three months. (Now there’s a tip for you, if you’re in India and want to buy comics off eBay, don’t type “www.ebay.com” on the browser, it redirects you to ebay.in. ) Don’t know why, but three months seems to me like a perfect rest-time from eBaying. Not four months, not six months, not even three and a half months, but three months. So I promise myself, and threaten myself with dire consequences, and then of course, I have to go and check out the new listings two days later.

It makes me sit and weep, I tell you. Especially when it’s the end of the month and there is a COMPLETE Groo The Wanderer run up for sale – and by complete, I mean complete, all 120 Epic issues and 8 pacific issues, and even a couple of signed copies and two CGC Graded ones, and a couple of graphic novels to boot – and another original art page at a very decent buy-it-now price. (No, don’t ask me which artist it was, I am pretty sure I would be lynched if I say anything.) (Oh, very well, it was Frank Quitely. I am getting obsessed with the guy, and that’s that.) And then there is a complete Starman run which I need, Starman being very high on my priority list. Then there is the friend of this LJ user from whom I am buying a pile of comics. How do I prioritize? How do I prioritize? Do I buy the Groo run or do I go for the Quitely page or the Starman series or the Wonderful Ashley Wood pages that are being sold for SO CHEAP or that Darick Robertson Transmet page or do I *whimper* forget all about them and go watch Samurai Jack at home?

Ah, well, after that embarrassing display of inner turbulence, here’s something better.

This is Jeon Ji Hyun, the lead actress of My Sassy Girl. *sigh* I think I’ll stare at this picture and let eBay run its own course. For the next three months. Yes.

P.S I wouldn’t mind Jeon Ji Hyun getting me out of my PeTS-mood in her own inimitable way.

(Pic swiped from adgy)


24 thoughts on “eBay woes

  1. Sigh…I thought this was yet another dream post. Everybody on my friends’ list this week has been doing dream posts, like it was some sort of an infection or something. But PETS sounds something I can so thoroughly identify with. I have been e-baying my life out ever since the dreaded credit card came into possession. But I have found a fool proof of staying away from the site. I have willed myself into unemployment and poor student stipend…

    The woman is ho-ho-hot.

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