Dream Post

Last night, I dreamt an elephant was chasing me all around my house. Or probably I was chasing it, I don’t remember exactly.

It’s probably a coincidence that “elephant” and “eBay” both begin with the letter “e”. And “elephant” and “eBay bid” have the same number of syllables. Yeah, just a coincidence.


21 thoughts on “Dream Post

  1. Hi!

    Could it be a conincidence that there have been so many dreams based posts over the last 2 days? Or is it just that I am fresh from that thought that it registers more..

    .. and same logic to your ebay elephant connection :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Upload those quizzes, blast you!

    See, that’s a good way to divert yourself from elephants and eBaybids!
    — Samanth

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