Hitman is back!


And the comic shop owner quoted too much on that Hitman cover. Higher than my initial estimate. Goddamnit. I will try to bargain him down, but…erm….I don’t think it’s happening. Sucks.

But I picked up a complete run of Michael Zulli’s Puma Blues ( 23 issues) and a complete run on Ted McKeever’s Metropol ( 2 volumes, 15 issues), both for a cumulative price of 20$. And two old Heavy Metal issues for 2$ each. Cheaper than in Best Book Stall, and in better condition at that.

I have earmarked quite a bunch of stuff for the upcoming sale. Most likely I will be cleaning up their stock of complete runs. There are sets of Sam and Twitch, The Human Target ( the Vertigo series by Peter Milligan), a complete run of Longshot, and all the issues look like they are signed by Art Adams ( I am greedy, so I didn’t buy that off immediately because they were 15$ for 6 issues, but 50% discount next week – yum! ). Quite a bit of other stuff too, I don’t remember for sure. And seems like there’s more full runs coming in.


8 thoughts on “Hitman is back!

  1. They cost a bomb, my man. But will try to get you a set, all the same.

    Watch for my next LJ update, which will leave you seething with righteous rage.

    • Don’t get it man, was only kidding. I’ll send you a mail as to what I want and it ain’t gonna be costly. Er, its not gonna be cheap either. And BTW I wouldn’t want to see anything about videogames (especially PS3) on your page either ;)

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