As I had mentioned before, it makes sense for me to keep playlists on YouTube. It makes for a great set to cast on the TV when there are guests around, helps me keep track of interesting music videos and also serves as an answer to the perennial “What are you listening to right now”-question. Here’s my playlist for January.


  • George Ezra’s glorious Ledbelly-inspired vocals jumped out at me during a Spotify Discover session. It also turned up in my a playlist that Spotify generated for me, and is probably the most played-song in that list.
  • Meiko’s new album is less sunny than The Bright Side, but still so good! The video is shot around DTLA, and parts of it in Hotel Cafe, one of my favorite music venues in Hollywood. I have been to 9 Meiko shows so far, and have heard this album evolve over the last year or two.
  • I don’t remember who linked to James’ new album – maybe it was Amanda Palmer? Love the quirkiness of the video and his voice.
  • I believe it was pal Delia who pointed me to Azure Ray a few months ago, and this is one of my favorite songs by the duo.
  • Pal Sarika had a friend who said “I heard this new artist named Fallulah, and she sounds like your kind of music.” She told me the same thing. I have been love with this Danish-Romanian songstress since, and it’s a pity she hasn’t released her album Escapism officially in the US yet.
  • MØ is another Scandinavian musician who released an album last year, and this DIY music video is just nuts.
  • Neulore was a band I heard on a random evening at the Hotel Cafe. I had no idea what band was playing that night – and they blew my mind.
  • I played Early Winters’ ‘Vanishing Act‘ to pal Suparn. He played ‘Young’ by the Paper Kites for me. That is a perfect example of music karma.
  • I was due to see Crash Kings live (at the Hotel Cafe again) but got stuck at work. Much sadness. Love their sound.
  • Yelle was The Act I Regret Missing last year. She played at the Fonda theater on Halloween night, and I did not want to brave the WeHo parade traffic.
  • Faul and Wad Ad’s song turned up on a dance playlist, and I was fascinated by the children’s chorus, the saxophone solo, and of course the fun video.
  • Pal Amos recommended Fatoumata Diawara because he heard her on an in-flight entertainment catalog and thought I would like her music. I did.
  • Plastiscines, Pony Pony Run Run and this particular Coeur de Pirate came to my attention thanks to pal AC, who played them back to back in a Youtube face-off contest we had one evening.
  • ‘Girls’ by the 1975 was brought to my attention by Max Landis on Twitter.

  • BONUS TRACK: because I am undecided about whether I like the MS MR remix or the original version of MØ’s ‘Pilgrim’.

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